Admin-Ahead cPanel Plugins

cPShied-v2 Licensing System

System Overview Dashboard
► Malware Scan using Linux Malware Detect
► RKHunter Interface
► Mail Queue Manager
► Firewall Manager (APF/CSF)
► SSH Hardening
► IP/Domain Reputation Manager
► (Unlimited Accounts/Domains)

(D)DoS Mitigator (cPanel)

Email Alerts
► Install mitigator listener
► Firewall Support (APF/CSF/IPTABLES)
► Whiltelist/Blacklist IPs
► View IP ban history
► Change temporary IP block time

Linux Malware Detect Manager (cPanel)

Install Linux Malware Detect
► Scan specified directories
► Scan all accounts
► View the latest 10 scan reports
► Quarantine/Restore files
► Monitor specific user/folder
► Manage directories to be ignored from scans
► Manage file extensions to be exempted from scans

RKHunter Interface (cPanel)

Scan your server for vulnerabilities
► Update RKHunter virus definitions with a single click
► Update RKHunter version with a single click