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 Terms of service

The terms of service from License4Host constitutes an Agreement to comply with the Terms of Use between Provider and Customer here in below stated. Provider reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, services, and the prices mentioned in this site at any time, at its sole discretion, without notice unless otherwise specified herein below. Provider reserves the right to add, remove, modify or suspend all or some of its services at any time. Should Customer object to any term or condition of the Terms of Use, any guidelines, or any subsequent modifications thereto or become dissatisfied with Provider in any way, Customers only recourse is to immediately discontinue use of Provider services. Provider reserves the right to seek all remedies available by law and in equity for any violation of these terms and conditions.


1) Licenses

All License4Host license verify are connected to License4Host servers, all other functions such as updates are connected to official servers. this licenses don't contain support from official provider but it has a full support from License4Host , No fee is included for any support on the licenses (Licenses are shared and not original).

2) Payments

License4Host accepts PayPal,BitCoin and credit/debit card as payment.


3) Refunds

All our Licenses/services/products we offer are non-refundable at all. In case you may face any issue with your license contact our support to fix your issue and if License4Host team can not fix your issue we will issue a refund . Setup fee will not be taken in consideration as is just setup fee and is non refundable in any circumstances. No refund for the reseller internal order mistake.

4) Charge Back

In case of any charge back without contacting us first we will issue you a bill (will be passed to a recovery agency on you country) depending on the ammount trying to charge back and we will add your details as server ips,contact details,etc in all softwares blacklist database so you will not use them softwares again.


5) Suspending

All products will be suspended once your product's expire date arrives, You can always renew a product from client area. If client does not obey our terms of serviceLicense4Host has the permission to suspend and block all clients products at any time.


6) Resellers


We do not provide technical support to resellers customers/servers as we expect if you wanna become a licensing reseller you supposed to know hoe to manage a server yourself.We do not provide direct support for resellers customers,this is down to the reseller to provide support directly for his customers. You can contact us for guides in case you get stuck. Sometimes we may fail in help with certain situations as no obe is perfect


7) Resellers/Customers are not allowed to contact manufacturer directly ex cpanel,cloudlinux etc as they will see our bypass method and they will patch that in and will make difficult for everyone



8) Reseller token is not allowed to be shared within multiple domains/users. Doing this will result in service termination and ban without reactivation unless product is buyed again if we decide to do that

9) Virtual Dedicated servers is comming with 100% dedicated resources, No Refund avaible


10) No refunds to any of our services we provide due to it`s nature, so if you thing you may ask for a refund or do a charge back better do not sign up to our website or use any of the services we provide

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